Behind the Scenes

Floating cabin, Netherlands

The story behind the project

First things first, many thanks to the photographer Cédric Houmadi. Maybe we wouldn’t see this beauty if he couldn’t reach out to me with this amazing photograph.

The beauty of my arts mostly depends on what I have as a photo. Once I got a perfect image, many ideas are floating into my mind, and then I decide which will be the best. No matter how many hours or days it will take, I want to create something unique every time.

When I worked on this image for almost three days, I decided to add few flying birds to the scene. Even though I searched a lot in stock images, there wasn’t a perfect bird photo with suitable perspectives. 

Luckily, Tri Sanguanbun came to me with few bird photos which perfectly match this image, just because I asked it on Instagram stories. That enriched the whole result thanks to him.

Used images

Cédric Houmadi

Tri Sanguanbun