Let's get known

Well, I am Crey, and I believe that I’m born to create dazzling things (crazy things, according to my parents). I started Photoshop when I was seven years old. Huge thanks to my elder brother. It was Photoshop 6.0. Not CS6;  just Photoshop 6.0. Background replacement was the funniest and the only thing that I could do with Photoshop in those days.

I spent my whole free time creating unique stuff such as wood crafts, digital arts, pencil drawings, puzzles, toys, etc. When I couldn’t make something dazzling even for a couple of days, I feel like my life is going down. 

I always wanted to be a freelance with my passion. I gave it my best shot. Miraculously, the time turned me into a self-taught parallax wizard. Now I’m on my way and available to get hired for commercial projects worldwide.

Uhh! I forgot to tell you the funniest part. I studied mechanical engineering.

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